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How often should you get Botox?

Most people notice their results start to fade around 3 months. So every 3-4 months is a good recommendation.

Which payment methods does Remarkably Flawless accept?

Cash, Venmo, Credit Cards

My friends are interested too — does Remarkably Flawless offer package deals?

Hosting parties is a great way to have all of your friends involved. There are great incentives for the host of the party. I also give great referral incentives. Contact me for more details.

I want to add fullness to my lips, but I don't want "duck lips"... how do you prevent that?

My goal is to always create a natural and soft/subtle improvement. I use a great technique to ensure that the filler stays in the lips, as well as a conservative amount of filler. Despite what most people think, filler doesn't naturally dissolve like Botox. Filler can often migrate into the tissue above the lip creating that "duck lip" look. Dissolving the filler and re-injecting is a great way to prevent that. Trust this process! It works :)

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