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Botox... Erasing the Stigma.

Controversy runs wild in the beauty industry. There are often societal stigmas surrounding new and innovative treatments. Botox is no exception. What used to be a hush-hush regimen that "older women" used to treat wrinkles and age lines, is now highly socially acceptable for younger women and men as a preventative beauty practice. As social media and society evolve, more and more women and men are talking about botox without fear of judgment. The injectable magic potion has become widely acceptable by men and women of all ages, and promoted as safe, effective, and a MUST DO for all. Apart from minimal bruising and swelling, Botox comes with little side effects and amazing reward. It is also "all-the-rave" when it comes to preventing faint lines from developing into deep wrinkles. With 2-4 treatments per year, it is also a very low maintenance regimen with big "bang for your buck". As you talk with friends and family, you will realize how many people either get Botox, or want to. Rarely will a conversation surrounding Botox produce judgment. So for all of you thinking about taking the plunge, join most of your friends in the best "no-longer-kept-secret". Cheers to graceful aging.

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